Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Dark Mother

Priestess Academy

After reading Lucia Birnbaum's book Dark Mother and reading about the synchronicity and reality of this manifestation of this goddes I have been having frequent encounters with her myself.

I was just listening to my 'boy, the Apostle spinning on Riddim Sounds and he plays a song called Black Maria and then comes back on and says, "oh I didn't mean to play that Black Maria there was another Black Maria on a different album by a different artist so I'll play that one now.

The other evening I was finishing Dark Mother and had been reading about "peasant bread" and red onions as enduring symbols in peasant culture of the Divine Feminine.
My beloved came home that night with a loaf of "peasant bread" from the "village bakery," it even said that on the label, and red onions! This is all out of the ordinary by the way. I definately felt "connected" at that moment! The Goddess hooked me up...

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