Friday, April 07, 2006


My honey and I were in the best place in town to watch the sunset - the EC Garden. The night before this we had seen a bright halo around the moon at the Garden.

We were hangin out in lawn chairs looking to the west and I noticed that there was a halo around the sun. A cloud formation that looked like a white water-bird. My honey thought so too. A bit later we looked at it again and it looked just the same but like it had turned a bit. Next time we looked at it, it looked like it was turning a literally flying away. We watched it for quite awile. It kept its form and looked like it was flying away.

Then I noticed that little black clouds had formed a row of patterns that looked like the "palm prints" that Lucia Birnbaum mentions in Dark Mother and in her archeomythology lecture. It was a row of perfectly shaped handprints. A cthonic sign of the goddess. Even my honey could see it. We were really feeling hooked in at that moment. I percieved that nature was percieving me.

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