Thursday, April 13, 2006

A synchronicity

At the beginning of this semester I was cleaning out an old box because its taken me years to unpack after moving and moving and moving for so long and going to school full time for so long. I had a little space for the first time in a long time to go through a few boxes and throw away alot of stuff. I've also spent the last few years purging my life of everything but the bare bones essentials. So I'm pretty close to me goal in that regard.

Anyway, I came across a prayer that my old acquaintance, Maura M., wrote about 8 years ago when she was in the same Women's Spirituality program that I am now enrolled in. I hadn't seen her or the poem since, but she gave it to me and inscribed it to me.

Prayer and Self-Blessing

Goddess bless me for I am your daughter
Hold me and carry me as I hold you and carry you within

Bless my crown in connection to you
Bless my third eye for clarity of vision
Bless my eyes that I see you in all, that I see you in me
Bless my throat that I hear your voice in my words and your words in my voice
Bless my heart that it remain open and filled with you
Bless my breasts with the power of nurturance, that I learn what to give, and what to keep for myself
Bless my solar plexus, my mind, my intellect. May it always work in conjunction with my intuitive knowledge, my heart and my spirit in connection to you
Bless my belly with the gift of intuitive knowledge and sacred pleasure
Bless my vulva for it is the root of my being in this world
Bless my knees with humility, may I always bow low before you with Thanksgiving and adoration
Bless my legs and my feet, may they always tread carefully in your pathways
Bless my arms and my hands with healing and creativity in your name

Bless me mother for I am your daughter
Hold me and carry me as I hold you and carry you within
Blessed Be!

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