Friday, April 07, 2006


The more I read the Language of the Goddess the more I wanted to incorporate this symbolism into the Bodymap.

I am increasingly drawn to using as much of the bird goddess symbolism just because so many significant spiritual experiences seem to be with this very ancient bird goddess, from the ceramic owl that I made at 7, to dreams and mystical experiences with real birds, to symbolism obtained from a meeting with a Cherokee medicine woman, the bord goddess and the owl goddess come up more and more for me.

I thought it was interesting that before I dove into the Gimbutas book, when we first traced the outlines for the Bodymap, I posed with one arm up and one arm down. Gimbutas interprets this ancient sign as a symbol of regeneration associated with the bird goddess (page 17), which of course I didn’t consciously know at the time, so it looks like I am right on track.

The two bees sewn into the center of each spiral/breast, is a representation of the seven generations of bee priestesses on my mothers side of the family. The bee symbol is documeneted to go back on some of the family lines, on both my mothers and my fathers side of the family, for nearly 2000 years.

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