Thursday, April 13, 2006

March 1, 2006: A Dream

I've written down a number of dreams and other private journal entries this semester and they are usually on loose paper or in my spiral notebooks and I pile them on my research altar or stuff them into my spiral notebooks. Eventually they will find their way into a single manilla envelope in a filing cabinet.

But this dream definately pertained to archeomythology so I am willing to include it here.

After praying for healing dreams, revelation, epiphany - this is what I woke up with,
(last night, yesterday, I was studying rock art, petroglyphs, pomo baby rocks and finding some correlations to the archeomythology of Europe...)

Wish I could remember the first part of the dream better - but to keep it short I was in a certain house with a certain person...

There was a mysterious "rock" in the house a little bigger and longer than a bowling ball, coral colored, flesh colored, with "cupules," impressions a little more shallow and on a smaller surface than the ones I was studying last night.

I was poking around on it, kind of afraid of it (not in a negative way, just more of a healthy respect, I sensed power within this thing.) Didn't know what the thing fully "was."

Either before or after the water scene, I picked up photographs and if I would look at them longer than a second, some special power kicked in, probably my third eye, and the picture would start to move and I would see a moving scene like a little movie. I picked up a (dream) picture of my partner about 8 years ago when I first met him. We were camping with friends and he was cooking and jumped into the water or something - like the water that I dreamed about. It was kind of a black and white photo movie.

I picked up a color picture of my sister when she was little, in an old house, and watched it move. Then the movement would stop and it would freeze into another picture. It was like I could will it to start and stop.

Also there was a part where I was hiding from an antagonist (I was in danger) and I thought I was blending into a rock but then I remebered they had heat-sensing radar from the sky.

So I'm at a small pond, maybe 6 ft. deep. Its got some grass around it, maybe part of an old broken fence or something and I'm poking at a creature like the coral-colored "stone" that I originally described. My partner warns me to be careful - that I might get bitten. I was surprised, thinking it was more of a curious rock on the bank of the pond- when it jumped into the water, in the middle of the pond just like a fish! I had the sense that it was the same exact stone/creature from earlier in the dream.

Then the antagonist energy returned (I was in danger) and I was trying to get out of the pond and over the fence and into the neighborhood ans was hurrying fast and went
a little too far down the street to the end of the block and turned around and went back into the building that I was wither "supposed to" go into or "wanted to" go into, not sure, how I knew to go to this place but there was a crowd gathered there and lots of chairs like people were going to watch a movie and I was relieved to be off the street.

There was a boy of about 10 or 11 from what appeared to be the Himalayan region, like one of the child actors who played the Dalai Lama in film. He seemed really familiar, and was smiling and serene. I felt connected to him somehow. He reminded me of my son also.

The "fish" / rock seems to be some sort of representation of the Divine Feminine.

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